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I want to share with you a few tips that I believe will help you to get into your best shape. When you hear phrases like, “getting into shape” we often think about the latest diets, joining the gym, aerobics, so on and so forth. And while all of those things are great and may be necessary, that’s not exactly what I’m referring to. I want to talk to you about getting into your spiritual shape; the shape that God has designed you to be in before the foundations of the world.

There is a pattern that you fit in that helps propel you into your purpose…

Before any of us ever got here, God had already charted the course and planned out the design and shape for our lives. And knowing our shape is the key to finding out the configuration of what God had in mind when He was forming us. Our gifts, abilities, passions, and experiences are all components that make up our shape; and you can avoid a lot of unnecessary detours by discovering the tailor made assignment that God has shaped just for you.

If you’re going to get into shape, you’ve got to Unwrap Your Gifts.

God has given each of us the ability to do certain things well. The gifts that we possess they differ as they are allotted to us by God’s grace and they must be exercised accordingly, Romans 12:6. God will never ask you to do anything that He hasn’t given you the ability to do. So if there’s something that you’re naturally good at, that’s an indicator that God wants you to do it.

He placed within each of us gifts and a natural hunger or desire to seek out the gifts. It’s not enough to just identify them, but it’s our responsibility to explore them. It’s through the exploring process that we learn how to effectively function in and respond to our gifts. As you examine your gifts, you’ll find clues to what it is that you’re purposed to do. It shows you your worth and value, 1Corinthians 6-7; and affirms you. Your gifts will also show you where your fruit is and ultimately, reveal God’s plan for your life.

When you’re fruitful, you’re fulfilled!

Real joy comes when you know your life is productive, it matters, and you’re making it count. When you find your gift you find your joy. It’s so amazing when God takes your gift, opens it up, and uses it to bless someone else. It is one of the most satisfying feelings you can experience. I want to leave you with the following questions that you can ask to help assess your life’s journey and ultimately illuminate your purpose:

• In what ways did I serve the Lord and enjoyed it the most?
• What have I done in my lifetime that I know God has blessed?
• What have I done in my life that has impacted other people?
• What have I done that’s brought the greatest results for the Kingdom of God?

When you mix together the answers to these questions, somewhere in it all, you will discover the will of God for your life.

18 thoughts on “Unwrap Your Gift

  1. Im sure my gift is in prayer and intercession. I alway see this big stage and im prayibg for the ppl od God.but in my natural it seems im not prwpared for that because i will gorget how to pray.I pray take me there…

  2. Thank you the holy spirit is awesome! I have been praying that God will show me my Gift and my children gifts. I have been feeling stuck and I know God is on my side and working it out for me.

  3. Wow!! What a word!! You are so on point in your message. I have. Always lived to dance. When I was living in the world, at the clubs, parties.. Where ever.. I was dancing. Then it was to escape my pain, the shame, feeling lost in the darkness!! Until I received Jesus as my Lord and Savior!! Halailujah!! I always think of the scripture, Ps.30:10-11 “Hear, O LORD and have mercy on me; Lord, be thou my Helper. 11) Thou hast turned my Mourning into dancing, thou hast put off my sackcloth, and GIRDED me with GLADNESS, JOY!! Our GOD is Amazing! I am now the Leader of our Dance Ministry at my church!! Going on 6 yrs!! My GOD!! He will do it!! Your message is so true as I was going down your list… If it wasn’t certain of my purpose LORD I AM NOW!! Glory to YOU GOD! For without You I am nothing!! Thank you Pastor Sherly, I’m new to you, the Lord has been bringing your messages to me from every direction!! I know there’s a purpose.. I’m waiting on Him! I have you and your ministry in my prayers. The unprecedented be your Portion! In Jesus Name!!

    1. I am always amazed when Father God uses a man or woman of God that I love,to speak forth and confirm somethings By The Precious HOLYSPIRIT.On Point and on Time!!!
      Thank you for your words of Insight and wisdom and songs over the years..God has used you to touch my Life.#THANKYOU!!!

  4. Thank you for the message. Sheryl, I am 66 yrs old. Serving the Lord since late 70’s. But, married to abusers and cheats. Raised 4 children… recently divorced after 23yrs after going through hell with him and then finding out that he had been cheating on me for 2or3yrs.!! I had an awesome vision in 1981 while on my job and I believe I’ve been called for something great for the Lord but I don’t know where to begin. I have always been an Intercessor. I operate in Revelation Gifts…I see it. I used to counsel young kids who would come to me for help before I was saved, also adults would ask me what to do…yet my life has been a mess! I never and refuse to ever give up but I have got to open my gifts. I honest don’t know if I have impacted anyone’s life or if I have done anything that’s brought great results for the Kingdom. I love to give…and Tithe…yet I live off of $990 a month only right now and have for few yrs. I worked for about 47yrs and have nothing to show for it. Wlll you pray for me please? Thaks…Mary 🙂

  5. I have partially attended a bible study series called SHAPE. But I am finding it hard to pinpoint what gifts God has given me. I am a nurse and I love what I do. I love to help people in many ways, I love being creative (arts, crafts, cakes, flower arrangements, etc). I love to come up with ideas and help people to find solutions to problems. I like being a problem solver. I am not sure how any of it fits in. I am not sure of where I fit. I don’t like to see people hurting (in any way). I believe that I have received the greatest joy in encouraging someone who had no hope, no peace , no joy and just talking to them. Then to find out how much that made a difference in their lives. That God used me to bkess someone else.

  6. Please pray for me. My life was a tragic one, rebuilt. God can bring forth good from the tragic. I feel I’m still in the process of being rebuilt. Please know that with God all things are possible! He is the Author and Perfector of our Faith!

    1. Pastor Sheryl and my others Sisters in Christ,

      This message was for me too. I am in the process of rebuilding my life after so many years of domestic violence and abuse. I am writing to show how God changed my life to help others. Turning my story into a victory for others get out of abusive relationships and try Jesus.

      God bless you all!

      Please visit my blog

  7. Pastor Brady, this was a great word to receive on my birthday. Additionally, we met briefly this time last year in Winston Salem, NC. May God continue to bless you and Bishop Joby and your ministries.

  8. Dear Pastor Brady,

    Thank you for a great birthday present with “Unwrap your Gift.” I have been asking God to confirm what he has told me to do and your message was a reminder that my gift will make room for me. I simply LOVE your messages from GOD! I know HIS voice. As I step totally on FAITH the next few weeks, I know that God will provide. Love you more and may God continue to bless you, your family and ministry. Blessings.

  9. Pastor Brady thank you for maximizing your gift to bless the body of Christ. I can’t wait to meet you in October. I’ve already registered. So excited!

  10. I really need your prayer I went into a back slidden life. I need prayer and hope I have not passesed the time to use my gift the only gift I know is preaching the word of God. He said Ill never leave you nor forsake you he didnt I left
    him it hurts to know I have given years away of my destiny for nothing. My mind is made up Im on my way up going to hod my head high and the rest of my life going to be with the Lord Im 57 and hope the Lord can still use me. Please pray for me

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