The Case of a Stolen Identity


If you’ve ever encountered fraudulent activity or any other form of identity theft, you know first-hand how helpless, vulnerable and violated you’re left feeling. Your entire identity has been contaminated, corrupted or completely erased. Trying to reclaim who you are through the rubble and ruins of what’s left after the damage is done would be a very scary experience. You may not realize it but, this is exactly what Satan is trying to do to your true identity in Christ; he’s trying to erase it.

There’s a spiritual war going on over your identity.

Since the enemy is not a creator, and has never created anything, he can only attempt to pervert, distort, or destroy what God has created. Only God creates, so what Satan desires to do is take what God created for good and pervert it for evil. He wants nothing more than to hurt God by hurting His creation; and that’s you and me.

Satan knows that if he can keep you from being you; if he can hide your true identity and who God intended for you to be, his mission is accomplished. So he uses tools like the opinions of others, hurts from your past, social media and culture to imply that you’ll never be good enough to keep you in the “comparison trap”. He uses tools to plant seeds, ideas and suggestions so that a cycle of negativity stays on constant repeat in your mind with the purpose of concealing and keeping you from knowing who you really are in Christ.

When you know who’s you are, you then know who you are.

I know we hear that a lot, but you’d be surprise to know the number of people who sit right next to you in the pews at church, in the cubicles across from you at work, or live on the same street as you that struggle with an identity crisis. If we’re truly honest, it easily happens to the best of us. That’s why it’s so imperative that we intentionally take control of every thought, idea, or suggestion that’s not congruent with who God says we are and cast it out. Yes, you have the power to evict every ungodly thought out of your mind.

Every thought that comes through your mind has an agenda. You have to be the gate keeper of those thoughts and filter through what came from God and cast down what did not! God thoughts bring inspiration. Satan’s thoughts bring temptation. His goal is to distract you and keep you from becoming aware of your confidence and your inherited power in Christ
If you’ve ever questioned your value or self-worth, just look to calvary…

Make no mistake about it, God calls you priceless! He sent His son, laid down His life, to pay a debt that we could never ever repay. He rescued us. He redeemed us. And He restores us to Him daily. I don’t care what the enemy comes in your life to suggest to you, remember that you are His most treasured possession. Jeremiah 31:3 says, “I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love, I have drawn you to myself.” (NLT). What an amazing love. Allow this message to equip you on how to daily safeguard your identity in Christ so that you can confidently walk in the purpose and destiny God has called you to; keeping the plans and tricks of the enemy under your feet where they belong.

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