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A Thirsty Savior?

In life you can expect the unexpected. You may not fully understand what’s happening when it occurs, which may leave you feeling confused and uncertain. When I am in that place, I know I can turn to the Word of God to give me answers and understanding in my situation. However, there are times I find what appears to be a mystery in the Word itself that I need Him to unravel. A good example is John chapter four about the woman at the well.

In this story we find Jesus, a sovereign, all knowing, powerful, alpha and omega (you get the point) you know, THE JESUS, sitting at a well where He meets a Samaritan woman. It was an unexpected, unscheduled, chance encounter for her. What was this Jew doing at the well?   Jews and Samaritans did not get along. Yet, He asks this woman, this dysfunctional five-time divorcee, to give him a drink of water. Does it make sense that Jesus would need something from her? From this woman whose life was a mess? As a matter of fact, does He really need anything from ANY of us?

As he begins to talk to her, it becomes apparent that this is not an ordinary man. He begins to ask her questions for which He already has the answers. Oftentimes that seems to be what God does in our life when He wants to make a point. Jesus uses the example of the Samaritan woman to show us you can not go to natural people looking for a spiritual need. As she questions Him about why He is asking her for a drink, He tells her if she knew who He was, she would be asking Him for water instead.

God wants you to want Him. He is thirsty for your worship and your praise.  Meeting His needs will meet yours. Quenching God’s thirst will quench yours. It happens when you move from just water (the church) to living water (reciprocity). You see, there is no way for you to bless God without Him blessing you right back.

God wants to break us from looking for answers in all the wrong places. He’s waiting at the well of your life asking for a drink so that He can quench your thirst in return. Are you ready to satisfy a thirsty Savior?

Stress Management

Stress, worry, and anxiety are conditions we all are too familiar with. Day in and day out we are presented with uncertainties in our lives, that initiate concerns that spiral into worry. While worry is common to all mankind, it is NOT the will of God for His children.

Out of everything God created, human beings are the only creation that worry.

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? Matthew 6:26

What jumps out at me whenever I read this passage is, “your heavenly father” feeds them… If He is concerned enough to take care of a bird that He created, how much more concerned is He to provide for His children? He’s the creator of the birds of the air but He’s the Father to you and me. What God is saying to us is that if we know that He’s God enough to care for the fish in the sea, to feed the birds in the air, and clothe the lilies in the fields; then we’ve got to know that He will take care of us.

It’s not your job to worry, it’s your job to ask.

Kids don’t worry, kids just ask. When your child comes to you to ask for something, they’re not worrying about how you’re going to make it happen. No, they just lay it down and leave it there. Well He is your father, if you’re not asking Him for anything, you’re acting as if you’re a spiritual orphan. The bible says that every hair on your head is numbered. He knows everything about you and everything you need. He promised in His word that He would care for you even until your old age. And there’s thousands of promises that God has given to us, His children, assuring that He will be with us no matter where we are, and no matter what happens.

Proverbs 12:25 tells us that worry in a man’s heart weighs him down. It was never God’s intention for us to carry more than we can bear. Cast all of our cares upon Him because He cares for you. 1Peter 5:7

Cast means to literally unload. It means to dump and that’s what this verse tells us to do. The ultimate solution to stress and anxiety is to take the things that cause it—doubts and fears—to God. He is eager to help us deal with these common emotions in the right way so that we can experience true peace in our hearts and minds. Prayer is a key to a stronger relationship with God and to stress management.

Worry about nothing and pray about everything…

Philippians 4:6-7
Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ.

Paul is teaching us here, that when we go to petition God to make sure that you’re asking with a grateful heart. Every petition to God should be wrapped up in a blanket of Thanksgiving and praise. And while you’re praising God, you can rest assure that He is already working it out on your behalf. So, lose the worry and keep the peace!

Our peace is a direct result of the thoughts we think. Where the focus goes the power flows. The war against worry and stress is won or lost in your mind. If you want peace of mind you have to control what you let in. Remember, your mind is not a freeway. Therefore, you can’t allow any and everything to drive through. Whatever you allow in your mind, is what will come out in your life.

Paul gave us eight filter tests in Philipians 4:8 to help us with the process of eliminating thoughts that did not come from God. Ask yourself these questions every time a thought begins to run repetitively through your mind.

1.  Is it true?
2.  Is it honest?
3.  Is it right?
4.  Is it pure?
5.  Is it lovely?
6.  Is it admirable?
7.  Is it of good report?
8.  Is it praiseworthy?

If you answer no to either of these questions, then you know that thought did not come from God. Reject it and cast it out immediately.

I encourage you to follow the steps from Paul’s stress management recipe and watch God give you the strength to work our way into a stress-free life. Whatever it is that has hold of your life and is stressing you out today, let me encourage you to go to Jesus. Unburden your heart. Put your requests before Him – and leave them there! You will find He is the greatest therapist in the world. And you will experience peace that goes far beyond any human comprehension.

It’s the Most Loneliest Time of the Year? – Surviving Single at Christmas

I’ve asked a young lady on our staff who has become like a daughter to me over the years, Christen O’Neal to write about being single at Christmas. If you are currently single and not exactly looking forward to Christmas because that special someone hasn’t come along just yet, please take the time to read. I believe it’ll be a blessing to you and give you a different perspective this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!

– Pastor Brady

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… At least that’s what the song tells us. Yet for many people, despite the bright lights, snowmen, ugly sweater parties, and the hot chocolate with marshmallows, it’s just not that simple to get into the Christmas spirit. You see for those of us who are single (unmarried, not dating, & no Tinder account!) Christmas becomes the annual reminder that you have no one to call your own. Quite frankly…sometimes as a single, you feel like you’re on punishment because you don’t have someone to call your sweetheart, honey, or whatever! That’s not the case!

You have not done anything wrong! This is not the time to go off and jump into a fruitless relationship to avoid the feeling of loneliness or go into debt spending money to fill a void.

Instead, use this time to discover who you are, whose you are, what you like, what you don’t like, what is priority, and to strengthen family and friend relationships. Use this time to evaluate whether or not you are maximizing all that God has put in your hands to do.

And yes, we know that hope deferred makes the heart sick, however, we also know That Christ is near to the brokenhearted. And if God, the Hope of Glory finds himself with you in your brokenness, then you better believe that all hope is not lost!

During this Christmas season, I challenge you, as I challenge myself…

Instead of focusing on the silent night, let us rest in Christ’s sovereignty and sleep in heavenly peace.

– Christen O’Neal
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One In A Million


“Then the Lord saw how great man’s wickedness on the earth had become and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. And the Lord was grieved that He had made man on the earth and His heart was filled with pain. So the Lord said, “I’ll wipe out mankind whom I’ve created from the face of the earth. Man and animals, creatures that move along the ground and birds of the air for I am grieved that I have made them.” But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord. Genesis 6:5

Much like today, corruption, violence, and immorality ran rapid throughout the earth. Archeologists reported that during the time of Noah there was approximately one million people living on the earth. Out of one million people, God looked down and saw only one person that He could give the assignment of restarting the human race. But why Noah?

Noah was literally, One in a Million

In spite of the fact that he lived in a terrible society, he was blameless among the people of his time. Noah was not influenced by the sins that governed the earth and he was not afraid to stand alone. In today’s society, most people have a tendency to think that the majority is always right. If everybody’s doing it then it must be ok. If it’s popular then it must be true. But Noah refused to go with the majority. The majority is often wrong. And that’s the way Noah looked at life.

Think about the criticism that Noah probably received while building the ark. The ridicule from neighbors. The whispering and laughing not only behind his back but to his face. Not to mention the pressure he must’ve gotten from his family. Can you imagine what it would’ve been like to be Noah’s wife or kids? If your dad was the crazy man building a huge boat on the front lawn! And this embarrassment went on for a very long time. Could you put up with being misunderstood and criticized year after year because of your convictions or because you’re doing what’s right?

Conformity is often the enemy of Christianity.

Today the popular opinion is to blend in. To be “trendy” and not different. To stand in and not stand out. Too worried about what people think to be different. Too worried about losing connections, relationships, or positions rather than standing by convictions, standards, or principles.

Proverbs tells us “The fear of man is a trap.” That means if you worry about what other people think, you’re in trouble. If you worry about, “How do I look?” you can never live for God. Noah stood by his convictions. He was available and was willing to stand out in a crowd. And that’s why God chose Noah to accomplish such a task.

God uses people who will follow Him completely by faith

Faith is following instructions even when it doesn’t make sense. The project God gave Noah didn’t make sense at all. In Noah’s time the earth was watered by a mist that came up from the ground. So no one had ever experienced or seen rain before the flood. Not only had it never rained but Noah was at least 500 miles from the largest body of water — the Mediterranean Ocean. And let’s not forget about the daunting task of rounding up all of those animals and getting them onto the boat. I mean this story had endless illogical directives that completely made no sense. But it wasn’t Noah’s job to make sense of it all; it was God’s. Noah’s job was to be obedient.

Genesis 6:22 “Noah did everything just as God commanded.” It doesn’t say he did some of the things the way he wanted to. It says he did everything as God commanded. 7:5 “And Noah did all that the Lord commanded him.” Not some, not partial. He did all. It was unconditional obedience…

Noah wasn’t extraordinary. The story doesn’t tell us of any amazing or supernatural gifts he possessed. You see, Noah was just an ordinary man who was available to be used by God, who dared to be obedient against all odds, and most importantly, someone who never gave up. People often give up too easily because of problems, pressures, or fear. But I want to extinguish the myth that just because a problem arises doesn’t mean God is not involved. Don’t allow these intimidations to cause you to give up on God’s plan for your life. Every good idea has something wrong with it. In every possibility, there is a problem. That’s how you grow. That’s how you mature. That’s how you develop.

My prayer for you today is that God will grant you the courage and the will to go after that thing He spoke into your spirit to do. That He will grant you the tenacity and focus to withstand every obstacle or adversity that would try to distract and detour you on your path towards destiny. I declare that the blessings of the LORD, that maketh rich, and addeth no sorrow overflow in every area your life.

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Let the River Flow

There are immeasurable benefits to accessing the presence of God.  Psalm 16:11 tells us that in His presence there is fullness of joy; and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Whenever I think about a real relationship with God, my mind immediately begins to focus on what is necessary to access His presence.   That’s why I think it’s important to periodically go back and reinforce the foundation of what He has called us to do, which is to worship Him and give Him praise.

There is a Difference between Praise & Worship

To understand the line dividing praise and worship you have to address the purpose of the act and not the act itself.  Unfortunately, we have mixed culture with truth and the end result is misconceptions regarding praise and worship.  Praise is honoring God and thanking Him for what He does.  “Lord, I thank you for picking me up.  I thank you for bringing me out.  I thank You for feeding my children.”  That’s praise.  Worship on the other hand celebrates Him for who He is.  It addresses the unchangeable, unfailing, immutable things about God causing you to say, “Lord, You’re Holy.  You’re unwavering.  You’re sovereign.  You are God and God alone.”

Both praise and worship may be accompanied by fast or slow music, or even have the same body language.  But tears do not mean worship any more than shouting means praise.  So you’re probably asking yourself, “Then how can I know the difference between the two acts when the actions are the same?”

God is not limited by our limited concepts of worship…

Praise and worship is not decided by music style and movement.  It is not defined by education, emotion, ethnicity, culture, or gender.   You can only know the difference when you understand the purpose behind the expressions.  Even once you understand the expression, you must also know that praise and worship are equally important.  Each one is concurrent flowing towards the destination of His presence.  You see, “thanks” gives you access into the gates, “praise” into the courts, and “worship” is what you do once you’re there, in His presence

Let The River Flow…

When you have a river of worship in your life, you can be replenished, refreshed, revived and renewed by opening your mouth and letting your river flow.  I have barely scratched the surface of all I want to impart to you about praise and worship.  I want you to understand why you don’t have to fight your battles in the flesh; and why worship is sometimes more difficult for men than women.  I want you to realize the reasons and realities of needing the river of living water flowing through you washing your mind.  To hear this message in it’s entirety it’s available for instant download at

The Power of Encouragement

Encouragement-open (1)

No matter how you may try to avoid it, life happens.  When it does you can find yourself in a place of struggle; in the midst of mistakes and failures; trying to rebuild what you may have lost; or at the very least, finding the strength to just keep going.  Sometimes life can deliver a punch so hard it can take the fight right out of you and you become totally and completely discouraged.

[tweetthis]Discouragement is often the gap that separates our expectation from our reality.[/tweetthis]

Hebrews 10:23 tells us to hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; for he is faithful that promised…  We know that God will do exactly what He said.  We know if He has given you a promise it will surely come to pass.  However, until the expectation becomes reality there are always people more than willing to use any opportunity they can to plant seeds of negativity.  They will tell you, “You’ll never make it.”  “Do you really think God can use you?”   “You’ll never have a good name.” “You’ll never have your dream.” “It’s not going to work.”  Words.  Words delivered to discourage you.  Words designed to destroy you because discouragement handled incorrectly becomes demise.

[tweetthis]Words may be the enemy’s oldest weapon against you, but know God will never fail![/tweetthis]

I don’t know of a greater example of this than the story of Nehemiah.  In short, the Babylonian army had overtaken the people of God.  The city was left in ruins and the temple had been devastated.  But God had promised the people earlier that the Babylonian empire would fall.  When it did they received word they could rebuild the temple of God.  There was only one problem, they had been through so much their hope, finances, resources and willpower were at an all time low.   They were tired.  The kind of tired that sleep doesn’t help.

God, in His faithfulness, knew what they needed and sent them a leader named Nehemiah.  Nehemiah began to encourage them with positive communication.  He created a plan to address the problem so they could regain their momentum. Nehemiah demonstrated the power of encouragement.

If Christ is really in us, then encouragement can surely help us to live out the gospel.

When you’ve lost so much, including your willpower and your desire, it’s a crazy feeling.  When you have no fight left, it’s easy to move into survival mode where your normal becomes “numb.”  When you’re in the presence of people trying to keep you down, it’s not easy to get up.  It’s not easy to straighten up when you’ve messed up.  Nevertheless, you’ve come too far, you can’t die now and you’re not at liberty to quit.   You need to know that, and so does someone else.

And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:  not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another:…Hebrews 10:24-25.

Nehemiah developed strategies and tools that silenced the voices of those trying to get the people of God to forget who they were and give up.  They are the same strategies and tools we need for one another today.  You may not know what someone else is going through, but encouragement is the key to caring.  It’s the expression that will help somebody to keep going.  It’s exactly what they need to lift their countenance, dry their tears and put their praise back on.  Be intentional.  Look for opportunities to encourage someone else.  The Power of Encouragement is a life changer!

I want to encourage you today in whatever you’re facing to remember that God sees, He knows, and He’s about to send you the help and provision you need to succeed. I pray that He fortifies your strength and reignites your passion for purpose. You’re too close to the finish line to stop now, and in spite of who’s waiting for you to fail, there’s somebody counting on you to win.

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Stop Pumping Your Foot


Are you pumping your foot?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What exactly does pumping your foot mean?”  I’ll explain it to you this way. Sarah sending her Egyptian handmaid to her husband Abraham in order to have a son (Genesis 16), David taking a census to determine the strength of his army (2 Samuel 24), and Moses striking the rock verses speaking to the rock (Numbers 20:8-12), are all examples of the phrase “pumping your foot”.  It’s using human force to attempt to bring about a divine principle, promise, or command.  Each of these examples received a word from God, but in the midst of uncertainty, decided to bring it to pass in their own strength.

Many times God will give us a sneak peek into our future via His word, visions, dreams, prophecies, etc.  However, His timing in often cases seems like a mystery or puzzle to be solved.  It’s the gray area called the “waiting season” that challenges most believers.  Have you ever allowed ambition to motivate you to move prematurely, even if it was to accomplish God’s will?

If we take matters into our own hands to accomplish His purpose, then we are responsible for maintaining it not Him!

There’s a huge contrast between God bringing something to pass and you forcing it to happen in your own strength and time.  If you begin reading Genesis 2, beginning at verse 4, and then study Deuteronomy 11 beginning at verse 11, you’ll find two systems at work.  When God created the heaven and earth, and before man tilled the ground, there was no rain.  A mist came up from the earth and watered the ground.  But after the fall, they had to irrigate canals and “pump with their foot” in order to get water in Egypt.  Then, later you’ll find in Deuteronomy that after they possessed the land that God cared for, He promised to send the rain down and the blessings that came along with it.  All they had to do was love the Lord and serve Him with all their heart and soul.

You see, when we try to accomplish purpose in our own strength and timing, we may accomplish it however, it will be without the blessing.  In these cases there’s a constant struggle that eventually drains you dry which is the complete opposite of what God has intended for your life.  In His timing, there’s ease, peace, and strength.  Yes, you will still have opposition, but you’ll also have His supernatural grace to survive and His supernatural favor to thrive.

Let God Determine the Timing and the Means…

So much time, so many resources, and so much energy is wasted trying to get accolades from people.  Some try to drop the right names, get in with the right crowd, manipulate and maneuver into the right places to experience a channel of blessings.  Sometimes, because we are human we get so caught up in what we think we can produce with our own power and ability that we don’t even realize we’re missing the greater blessing God’s intended for us.

Setting goals, being driven and having aspirations to achieve, isn’t a negative thing at all.  But when you’re driven for the wrong reasons, with wrong motives, using wrong tactics; it becomes an unfortunate disadvantage to oneself, even if it’s for a right thing.

Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above.

Everything you need, and everything you have comes down from God.  It is the Lord who blesses you.  If you could truly grab hold of that principle it would totally change your life.  God may use people to get things to you, but real promotion, advancement, favor, etc., is not horizontal.  They all come down like rain which is symbolic of the blessing of the Lord.

I encourage you today to wait for His rain. If you are going to receive water in this land it only comes from heaven.  He is a gentleman, so let Him open every door for you.  I trust this has ministered to you today.  If you’d like to dig a little deeper you can hear the audio version of the message “Stop Pumping Your Foot” as an MP3 download HERE

The Body of Christ

When I think of our physical body, I am in awe of being the result of the blueprint made by God.

God made each of us fearfully and wonderfully, paying great attention to all the details.  He designed the body of the woman to enable her to carry a child.  He made certain that child could breathe without breathing and live without having life.  He gave the mother strength to bear down and push what she had been carrying into the earth.  From eyelids that protect the eyes, to the number of fingers and toes, God connected everything that needed to be connected and joined everything that needed to be joined.  He wanted to be sure the body, with proper care, would operate just as He planned.   As amazing as that is, our physical body is only part of the equation God had in mind.

God does everything through the body.

From the days of Adam, God wanted to save us from the slave market of sin, but he couldn’t buy us back.  He had to redeem us.  But he couldn’t redeem us without being “kin” to us.  So how did He become our kinsman redeemer?  Through the body!   He stepped out of eternity and came into time by way of the body of the Virgin Mary.  He came in the flesh to relate to us, connect to us, and ultimately die for us so that we could have life, and have it more abundantly.  His connection to us was so strong He laid down His earthly body and came up in His resurrected body to give us power and victory.  He did not shed His blood and die for one or two of us.  He died for all of us.  And once He got up from the dead, we became the Body of Christ.

And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers… Ephesians 4:11

The church… many members… one body.  Like the natural body it consists of several parts, however each part left alone is absolutely useless.  That’s why the enemy wants to keep us disconnected.  He knows that the body of Christ is edified by that which every joint supplieth, Ephesians 4:16.  There is strength in the body of Christ and when we come together, something happens that is unexplainable.  When you find us, you find God.  When you are looking for a breakthrough, don’t go to the club, come to the church.  Find the people of God.  We are everywhere.  We are in every facet of life.

Each gift supports the other, strengthening the entire body as a whole.  Each of us have gifts and callings and if we learn how to share them we will all be made better!  Today I pray that a continual glory will rest upon your life as you endeavor to walk in your purpose and fulfill His will.  I pray for supernatural faith, favor, and fruition in everything that you set your hands to do. 

Sheryl Brady

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The Body of Christ

A Family Blessing

One would only need to read the daily paper or view the nightly news to see that the world we are living in is a mess.   And as much as some of us would like to think that what’s happening around us is new news, it really isn’t.   Things we are currently experiencing didn’t begin with this generation.  They didn’t begin with our parents, or even their parents.  You would only have to go back to the first book of the Bible to discover what is happening now, is very much like what happened then.  As a matter of fact, the first eleven chapters in the book of Genesis give account after account, of one failure after another.  Disobedience, lies, murder, deception, drunkenness, nudity, sexual immorality, etc. – all these things are as familiar in the year 2013 as they were in Genesis.   Humanity became so corrupt in Genesis that God cleansed the earth by sending the flood.  Even after the flood, God’s man, Noah, who built the ark and survived the flood, got drunk on his own success and the rebellion continued.

The call for a great nation…

Can you imagine what it must have been like for God?  Witnessing humanity that He created after His very own image; deliberately refuse the blessing He originally intended for their existence.  Perhaps, if it were up to you or me, we would have destroyed the human race and given up on the idea of its existence.  I’m so glad that, His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are far beyond anything we could ever imagine! (Isaiah 55:8)

Instead, God decided to call another man by the name of Abraham.  It was through Abraham, that He would make a great nation of people who would be, not only the lineage from whom the Messiah would come, but also they would be God’s chosen nation; a witness of God to all the earth. (Deut. 7:7, 28:37, Isa. 43:9-10.  God called Abraham out from a very prosperous city devoted to idolatry called Ur of the Chaldees. A product of an idolatrous upbringing, Abraham did not know the real God, but God called him anyway.  And when He appeared to Abraham, the glory of God was so revealing that Abraham began to see the vanity and foolishness of idol worship and it changed his life forever.

Where would we be if Abraham had not trusted God?

As the word came to Abraham, it brought about a miracle of faith and true faith, based on the Word, will lead you into obedience.  God instructed Abraham to leave his father’s house, his relatives, and his country.  While it was specifically clear what was to be left behind, what lied ahead was another story.  Abraham was not perfect, but his life was characterized by two things, faith and faithfulness.  He was saved by faith, he moved by faith, and he lived by faith.  God wanted to use Abraham’s life as a display to show us the magnitude of blessing that comes through the posture of obedience.

After the call, there were several promises that followed but the final promise was that of blessing.  It was a blessing for Abraham and a blessing through Abraham.  Much of His blessing was to come in the form of his offspring; largely manifested in his descendants, you and me.  You are Abraham’s seed and what God gave to him; He wants to give to you.  It’s a Family Blessing.

God wants you to separate yourself from the corruption around your life, just as He wanted Abraham.  He is calling you out of your mess, just as He did Abraham.  He wants you to experience every one of His promises, just like He did Abraham.  And like Abraham, He has an appointed place for your blessing.  God will not give you all the details along the way, nor did He give them to Abraham.  But through obedience and faithfulness you will rightfully inherit the blessing of Abraham.

Remember a blessing always speaks to the end of thing.

Just because you’ve gone through some struggles and some setbacks, know that there are better days ahead of you.  Don’t get discouraged, and leave the place God’s assigned for you to be.  Preparation for the blessing happens at your appointed place.  And why would God give you a blessing you’re not ready for?  I heard Bishop Jakes say, “Before you can possess your promise, you have to possess yourself.”

God wants the whole world to be blessed and He is calling you out of some things in order to lead you into something else.   There is a blessing that runs in the family and it belongs to you!

Sheryl Brady

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Family Love: Is in a League of its Own

Anyone who has followed my ministry for any length of time knows how important family is to me. I think back to when I was presented with the tremendous opportunity to move from Durham, NC to Dallas, TX to Pastor the Potter’s House North. It might have seemed like an individual opportunity, but it required a decision that affected my entire family. As challenging as the move was, everything came together because we were able to come together, work together, and pray together as a family. I know for a fact that a family that prays together can move heaven and earth. There is power in agreement and when a family comes into agreement, because their spirits are one, God sits down on that agreement.

Regardless of what the world would suggest, we need each other.

Today there is a huge emphasis on being individuals and staying in control, but there is a need for us to be connected. That’s why God created the family. Whether it’s a biological family, single parent family, blended family big or small, when a family moves from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality there is power. If you hurt, I hurt. If you win and I win, we all win because we are a team. We may fight, but if you have a problem you can’t solve, we are in it together. Unity has been created and where there is unity God commands the blessing. That’s why the enemy fights with all he has to attack the family. The difficult thing is keeping the family together when everything in today’s culture seems to be tearing the family apart.

What do you think would happen if we were able to reunite, reinforce, reestablish and reclaim the family?

Because I travel so frequently, I discovered the perfect metaphor for the family is flying. The pilot knows the destination and he has a flight plan and a compass to stay on track. It’s very possible that major or minor deviations may occur due to storms, turbulence, problems with the plane, etc. that may force the pilot to land in a different place. However, constant communication and feedback will get the plane and its passengers back on course. You see, a family must have a destination, or a goal. There needs to be a shared vision that involves everyone. Does your family have a safe place for open communication and feedback? Are you guided by your compass, the Holy Spirit? It’s the comforter that helps you know where you are and then points you in the right direction. No matter where you are as a family right now, you can get back on track if you will correct the course.

Things that seem impossible become possible when the family comes together.

Friend, we are doing life together. My family and your family make up the family of God. We all bring something different to the table, but love means one is not more powerful than the other. It’s time to stop hurting and start healing; stop lashing out and start listening; stop criticizing and start celebrating; stop competing with each other and start completing each other. After all, you will never be as successful as you think you’re going to be without your family.

In wanting to share my heart with you about the importance of the family, two scriptures immediately came to mind: 1 Peter 3:8 which begins, Finally be ye all of one mind having compassion one of another… and of course 1 Corinthians 13:4 which describes the attributes of real love that never fails. I encourage you to read them both in their entirety.

Continuously, I thank you for your prayers and support of Sheryl Brady Ministries. I don’t take it lightly that God has linked us together, for such a time as this, to impact His kingdom. Together we are making a difference! I always look forward to hearing from you so take a minute to reply or Tweet me @sherylbrady

Staying Connected,

Pastor Brady

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