A Thirsty Savior?

In life you can expect the unexpected. You may not fully understand what’s happening when it occurs, which may leave you feeling confused and uncertain. When I am in that place, I know I can turn to the Word of God to give me answers and understanding in my situation. However, there are times I find what appears to be a mystery in the Word itself that I need Him to unravel. A good example is John chapter four about the woman at the well.

In this story we find Jesus, a sovereign, all knowing, powerful, alpha and omega (you get the point) you know, THE JESUS, sitting at a well where He meets a Samaritan woman. It was an unexpected, unscheduled, chance encounter for her. What was this Jew doing at the well?   Jews and Samaritans did not get along. Yet, He asks this woman, this dysfunctional five-time divorcee, to give him a drink of water. Does it make sense that Jesus would need something from her? From this woman whose life was a mess? As a matter of fact, does He really need anything from ANY of us?

As he begins to talk to her, it becomes apparent that this is not an ordinary man. He begins to ask her questions for which He already has the answers. Oftentimes that seems to be what God does in our life when He wants to make a point. Jesus uses the example of the Samaritan woman to show us you can not go to natural people looking for a spiritual need. As she questions Him about why He is asking her for a drink, He tells her if she knew who He was, she would be asking Him for water instead.

God wants you to want Him. He is thirsty for your worship and your praise.  Meeting His needs will meet yours. Quenching God’s thirst will quench yours. It happens when you move from just water (the church) to living water (reciprocity). You see, there is no way for you to bless God without Him blessing you right back.

God wants to break us from looking for answers in all the wrong places. He’s waiting at the well of your life asking for a drink so that He can quench your thirst in return. Are you ready to satisfy a thirsty Savior?

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