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It’s the Most Loneliest Time of the Year? – Surviving Single at Christmas

I’ve asked a young lady on our staff who has become like a daughter to me over the years, Christen O’Neal to write about being single at Christmas. If you are currently single and not exactly looking forward to Christmas because that special someone hasn’t come along just yet, please take the time to read. I believe it’ll be a blessing to you and give you a different perspective this Holiday Season. Merry Christmas!

– Pastor Brady

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… At least that’s what the song tells us. Yet for many people, despite the bright lights, snowmen, ugly sweater parties, and the hot chocolate with marshmallows, it’s just not that simple to get into the Christmas spirit. You see for those of us who are single (unmarried, not dating, & no Tinder account!) Christmas becomes the annual reminder that you have no one to call your own. Quite frankly…sometimes as a single, you feel like you’re on punishment because you don’t have someone to call your sweetheart, honey, or whatever! That’s not the case!

You have not done anything wrong! This is not the time to go off and jump into a fruitless relationship to avoid the feeling of loneliness or go into debt spending money to fill a void.

Instead, use this time to discover who you are, whose you are, what you like, what you don’t like, what is priority, and to strengthen family and friend relationships. Use this time to evaluate whether or not you are maximizing all that God has put in your hands to do.

And yes, we know that hope deferred makes the heart sick, however, we also know That Christ is near to the brokenhearted. And if God, the Hope of Glory finds himself with you in your brokenness, then you better believe that all hope is not lost!

During this Christmas season, I challenge you, as I challenge myself…

Instead of focusing on the silent night, let us rest in Christ’s sovereignty and sleep in heavenly peace.

– Christen O’Neal
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