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Fruitful in a Painful Place


Don’t Stress…You’ve got FAVOR on YOUR side!

To study the life of one of my favorite biblical characters, would take you to Genesis and the life of Joseph. His story is one that I never grow tired of preaching, and I encourage you to read. Maybe it’s because Joseph was a picture of Christ. He was the beloved son of his father Jacob, just like Jesus was the beloved son of God. Joseph came up from the depths of prison into power and Jesus came up from the depths of hell with all power. While there are many parallels, Joseph’s story is a phenomenal illustration of how to survive the painful places when you’ve been invited into greatness and the favor of God is resting on your life.

Great favor brings great jealousy and hatred.

Unfortunately, this comes with the territory. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything you have said, or anything you have done. It is just that God has chosen to set you apart and that makes some uncomfortable. Whenever God begins to bless your life, some will hate you simply because of your favor. It’s easy to become confused. You think others would be happy for you, especially those close to you. Unfortunately, often times, this is not the case.

However, you can’t become discouraged and give up. You have to recognize that your favor belongs to you. No one can take it from you and you can’t give it up just because someone else doesn’t want you to have it. Being hated is a part of being blessed. You can be hated a long time before you figure out what’s really going on.

No need to fret…This is a good sign God is with you!

When the enemy understands God is about to elevate you and take you places, the fight is on. Rest assured something big is about to happen in your life. The fact that he’s fighting you is a good indicator God is getting ready to raise you up and that makes him angry. A sovereign God is about to make your enemies your foot stool. Keep a sweet spirit, keep smiling, and keep doing what you do. Keep clean hands, keep a pure heart and keep moving. When you can take a licking and keep on ticking God will bless your life with favor.

Nothing happens by accident. God is a strategist and He has a plan for you.

God does not give you a mark of distinction by giving you a title. He does it by giving you power, anointing and authority. The anointing that rests on your life not only sets you apart, it means God did it. There is a reason you need to hear this month’s partners’ message, Fruitful in a Painful Place. God knows what doors He is about to open and what connections you are about to make in 2015. He is trying to set you up for the supernatural and He wants you to expect it and anticipate it. He wants you to know if He doesn’t get you out, He’s going to bless you while you’re in.

Trust Him when you can’t Trace Him…

Joseph didn’t know what God was going to do for him in His places of pain, because God was silent. God didn’t intervene, or speak on Joseph’s behalf. He was quiet in the midst of Joseph’s trouble, but Joseph waited on the Lord. He waited until he could see what God said! I guess that’s why I love his story so much. The lineage and the heritage of Joseph will strengthen, encourage, enlighten and ignite the faith of anyone who has ever found themselves in a conflicted place. If what you’re looking at does not look like what God promised, stand, worship, wait, pray, press, be faithful and trust God knowing you are about to be fruitful in a painful place!!!

I pray that God empowers you with supernatural strength, unbelievable favor, with an abundance of blessings that will rest on you and yours all year through.

I’m so blessed and grateful to know that you continue to stand with me in prayer month after month. May God perpetually shower His blessings upon you!

– Pastor Brady

PS. You can get this resource in it’s entirety as an MP3 download HERE…I know it will be a blessing to you!

Let the River Flow

There are immeasurable benefits to accessing the presence of God.  Psalm 16:11 tells us that in His presence there is fullness of joy; and at His right hand are pleasures forevermore.

Whenever I think about a real relationship with God, my mind immediately begins to focus on what is necessary to access His presence.   That’s why I think it’s important to periodically go back and reinforce the foundation of what He has called us to do, which is to worship Him and give Him praise.

There is a Difference between Praise & Worship

To understand the line dividing praise and worship you have to address the purpose of the act and not the act itself.  Unfortunately, we have mixed culture with truth and the end result is misconceptions regarding praise and worship.  Praise is honoring God and thanking Him for what He does.  “Lord, I thank you for picking me up.  I thank you for bringing me out.  I thank You for feeding my children.”  That’s praise.  Worship on the other hand celebrates Him for who He is.  It addresses the unchangeable, unfailing, immutable things about God causing you to say, “Lord, You’re Holy.  You’re unwavering.  You’re sovereign.  You are God and God alone.”

Both praise and worship may be accompanied by fast or slow music, or even have the same body language.  But tears do not mean worship any more than shouting means praise.  So you’re probably asking yourself, “Then how can I know the difference between the two acts when the actions are the same?”

God is not limited by our limited concepts of worship…

Praise and worship is not decided by music style and movement.  It is not defined by education, emotion, ethnicity, culture, or gender.   You can only know the difference when you understand the purpose behind the expressions.  Even once you understand the expression, you must also know that praise and worship are equally important.  Each one is concurrent flowing towards the destination of His presence.  You see, “thanks” gives you access into the gates, “praise” into the courts, and “worship” is what you do once you’re there, in His presence

Let The River Flow…

When you have a river of worship in your life, you can be replenished, refreshed, revived and renewed by opening your mouth and letting your river flow.  I have barely scratched the surface of all I want to impart to you about praise and worship.  I want you to understand why you don’t have to fight your battles in the flesh; and why worship is sometimes more difficult for men than women.  I want you to realize the reasons and realities of needing the river of living water flowing through you washing your mind.  To hear this message in it’s entirety it’s available for instant download at