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A Family Blessing

One would only need to read the daily paper or view the nightly news to see that the world we are living in is a mess.   And as much as some of us would like to think that what’s happening around us is new news, it really isn’t.   Things we are currently experiencing didn’t begin with this generation.  They didn’t begin with our parents, or even their parents.  You would only have to go back to the first book of the Bible to discover what is happening now, is very much like what happened then.  As a matter of fact, the first eleven chapters in the book of Genesis give account after account, of one failure after another.  Disobedience, lies, murder, deception, drunkenness, nudity, sexual immorality, etc. – all these things are as familiar in the year 2013 as they were in Genesis.   Humanity became so corrupt in Genesis that God cleansed the earth by sending the flood.  Even after the flood, God’s man, Noah, who built the ark and survived the flood, got drunk on his own success and the rebellion continued.

The call for a great nation…

Can you imagine what it must have been like for God?  Witnessing humanity that He created after His very own image; deliberately refuse the blessing He originally intended for their existence.  Perhaps, if it were up to you or me, we would have destroyed the human race and given up on the idea of its existence.  I’m so glad that, His thoughts are not our thoughts, and His ways are far beyond anything we could ever imagine! (Isaiah 55:8)

Instead, God decided to call another man by the name of Abraham.  It was through Abraham, that He would make a great nation of people who would be, not only the lineage from whom the Messiah would come, but also they would be God’s chosen nation; a witness of God to all the earth. (Deut. 7:7, 28:37, Isa. 43:9-10.  God called Abraham out from a very prosperous city devoted to idolatry called Ur of the Chaldees. A product of an idolatrous upbringing, Abraham did not know the real God, but God called him anyway.  And when He appeared to Abraham, the glory of God was so revealing that Abraham began to see the vanity and foolishness of idol worship and it changed his life forever.

Where would we be if Abraham had not trusted God?

As the word came to Abraham, it brought about a miracle of faith and true faith, based on the Word, will lead you into obedience.  God instructed Abraham to leave his father’s house, his relatives, and his country.  While it was specifically clear what was to be left behind, what lied ahead was another story.  Abraham was not perfect, but his life was characterized by two things, faith and faithfulness.  He was saved by faith, he moved by faith, and he lived by faith.  God wanted to use Abraham’s life as a display to show us the magnitude of blessing that comes through the posture of obedience.

After the call, there were several promises that followed but the final promise was that of blessing.  It was a blessing for Abraham and a blessing through Abraham.  Much of His blessing was to come in the form of his offspring; largely manifested in his descendants, you and me.  You are Abraham’s seed and what God gave to him; He wants to give to you.  It’s a Family Blessing.

God wants you to separate yourself from the corruption around your life, just as He wanted Abraham.  He is calling you out of your mess, just as He did Abraham.  He wants you to experience every one of His promises, just like He did Abraham.  And like Abraham, He has an appointed place for your blessing.  God will not give you all the details along the way, nor did He give them to Abraham.  But through obedience and faithfulness you will rightfully inherit the blessing of Abraham.

Remember a blessing always speaks to the end of thing.

Just because you’ve gone through some struggles and some setbacks, know that there are better days ahead of you.  Don’t get discouraged, and leave the place God’s assigned for you to be.  Preparation for the blessing happens at your appointed place.  And why would God give you a blessing you’re not ready for?  I heard Bishop Jakes say, “Before you can possess your promise, you have to possess yourself.”

God wants the whole world to be blessed and He is calling you out of some things in order to lead you into something else.   There is a blessing that runs in the family and it belongs to you!

Sheryl Brady

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Family Love: Is in a League of its Own

Anyone who has followed my ministry for any length of time knows how important family is to me. I think back to when I was presented with the tremendous opportunity to move from Durham, NC to Dallas, TX to Pastor the Potter’s House North. It might have seemed like an individual opportunity, but it required a decision that affected my entire family. As challenging as the move was, everything came together because we were able to come together, work together, and pray together as a family. I know for a fact that a family that prays together can move heaven and earth. There is power in agreement and when a family comes into agreement, because their spirits are one, God sits down on that agreement.

Regardless of what the world would suggest, we need each other.

Today there is a huge emphasis on being individuals and staying in control, but there is a need for us to be connected. That’s why God created the family. Whether it’s a biological family, single parent family, blended family big or small, when a family moves from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality there is power. If you hurt, I hurt. If you win and I win, we all win because we are a team. We may fight, but if you have a problem you can’t solve, we are in it together. Unity has been created and where there is unity God commands the blessing. That’s why the enemy fights with all he has to attack the family. The difficult thing is keeping the family together when everything in today’s culture seems to be tearing the family apart.

What do you think would happen if we were able to reunite, reinforce, reestablish and reclaim the family?

Because I travel so frequently, I discovered the perfect metaphor for the family is flying. The pilot knows the destination and he has a flight plan and a compass to stay on track. It’s very possible that major or minor deviations may occur due to storms, turbulence, problems with the plane, etc. that may force the pilot to land in a different place. However, constant communication and feedback will get the plane and its passengers back on course. You see, a family must have a destination, or a goal. There needs to be a shared vision that involves everyone. Does your family have a safe place for open communication and feedback? Are you guided by your compass, the Holy Spirit? It’s the comforter that helps you know where you are and then points you in the right direction. No matter where you are as a family right now, you can get back on track if you will correct the course.

Things that seem impossible become possible when the family comes together.

Friend, we are doing life together. My family and your family make up the family of God. We all bring something different to the table, but love means one is not more powerful than the other. It’s time to stop hurting and start healing; stop lashing out and start listening; stop criticizing and start celebrating; stop competing with each other and start completing each other. After all, you will never be as successful as you think you’re going to be without your family.

In wanting to share my heart with you about the importance of the family, two scriptures immediately came to mind: 1 Peter 3:8 which begins, Finally be ye all of one mind having compassion one of another… and of course 1 Corinthians 13:4 which describes the attributes of real love that never fails. I encourage you to read them both in their entirety.

Continuously, I thank you for your prayers and support of Sheryl Brady Ministries. I don’t take it lightly that God has linked us together, for such a time as this, to impact His kingdom. Together we are making a difference! I always look forward to hearing from you so take a minute to reply or Tweet me @sherylbrady

Staying Connected,

Pastor Brady

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