The Body of Christ

When I think of our physical body, I am in awe of being the result of the blueprint made by God.

God made each of us fearfully and wonderfully, paying great attention to all the details.  He designed the body of the woman to enable her to carry a child.  He made certain that child could breathe without breathing and live without having life.  He gave the mother strength to bear down and push what she had been carrying into the earth.  From eyelids that protect the eyes, to the number of fingers and toes, God connected everything that needed to be connected and joined everything that needed to be joined.  He wanted to be sure the body, with proper care, would operate just as He planned.   As amazing as that is, our physical body is only part of the equation God had in mind.

God does everything through the body.

From the days of Adam, God wanted to save us from the slave market of sin, but he couldn’t buy us back.  He had to redeem us.  But he couldn’t redeem us without being “kin” to us.  So how did He become our kinsman redeemer?  Through the body!   He stepped out of eternity and came into time by way of the body of the Virgin Mary.  He came in the flesh to relate to us, connect to us, and ultimately die for us so that we could have life, and have it more abundantly.  His connection to us was so strong He laid down His earthly body and came up in His resurrected body to give us power and victory.  He did not shed His blood and die for one or two of us.  He died for all of us.  And once He got up from the dead, we became the Body of Christ.

And He gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers… Ephesians 4:11

The church… many members… one body.  Like the natural body it consists of several parts, however each part left alone is absolutely useless.  That’s why the enemy wants to keep us disconnected.  He knows that the body of Christ is edified by that which every joint supplieth, Ephesians 4:16.  There is strength in the body of Christ and when we come together, something happens that is unexplainable.  When you find us, you find God.  When you are looking for a breakthrough, don’t go to the club, come to the church.  Find the people of God.  We are everywhere.  We are in every facet of life.

Each gift supports the other, strengthening the entire body as a whole.  Each of us have gifts and callings and if we learn how to share them we will all be made better!  Today I pray that a continual glory will rest upon your life as you endeavor to walk in your purpose and fulfill His will.  I pray for supernatural faith, favor, and fruition in everything that you set your hands to do. 

Sheryl Brady

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The Body of Christ

8 thoughts on “The Body of Christ

  1. Hi Sheryl

    I found this an inspiration article and one that provokes much thinking. I appreciated reading it.
    I only decided to go back to the Lord 2 or 3 months ago…….I joined a poetry group on a site I was on and the group host (who is very sweet and thoughtful) explained a lot to me that has confused me for years. I now get a lot of support from her and her daily devotions and read a lot of poetry based around God and a Christian life. I am really enjoying having God in my life and I am learning little by little. I was recommended to come and check out some of your work I think it could be a big help to me and my family.
    God bless you always

  2. Thank you for being a blessing to the me. I recently attended your Mentorship Moments conference and it changed my life! Thank you. Your life has blessed mine in more ways than you’ll ever know.
    Pastor Nyesha Greer

  3. Pastor Sheryl you rock! Gods love in you I was a witness, “equippers church ,Auckland” @ 8th to 10th August 2014.

    I cried every night you preached gods promise my soul lifted free soared high, In gods name I thankyou for making a change in my life, amen

  4. Good morning Woman of God, hope and believe your fine true God’s grace. my name is Pastor Justice Ministering in Faith Embassy that is based in South Africa. I have been following you from the day I had you preaching in Porters house.

  5. It is amazing how much detail and with complexity and love GOD made our bodies and yet it is our Spirit that is born again not our bodies. Our born again spirit, renewed mind and yielded bodies are what steps higher in Christ. The Body of Christ has to work together in these last days to accomplish the final assignment that has been given to us. Love your ministry and transparency. Love Sister Anna
    Anna Weaver

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