Stop Pumping Your Foot


Are you pumping your foot?

I’m sure you’re wondering, “What exactly does pumping your foot mean?”  I’ll explain it to you this way. Sarah sending her Egyptian handmaid to her husband Abraham in order to have a son (Genesis 16), David taking a census to determine the strength of his army (2 Samuel 24), and Moses striking the rock verses speaking to the rock (Numbers 20:8-12), are all examples of the phrase “pumping your foot”.  It’s using human force to attempt to bring about a divine principle, promise, or command.  Each of these examples received a word from God, but in the midst of uncertainty, decided to bring it to pass in their own strength.

Many times God will give us a sneak peek into our future via His word, visions, dreams, prophecies, etc.  However, His timing in often cases seems like a mystery or puzzle to be solved.  It’s the gray area called the “waiting season” that challenges most believers.  Have you ever allowed ambition to motivate you to move prematurely, even if it was to accomplish God’s will?

If we take matters into our own hands to accomplish His purpose, then we are responsible for maintaining it not Him!

There’s a huge contrast between God bringing something to pass and you forcing it to happen in your own strength and time.  If you begin reading Genesis 2, beginning at verse 4, and then study Deuteronomy 11 beginning at verse 11, you’ll find two systems at work.  When God created the heaven and earth, and before man tilled the ground, there was no rain.  A mist came up from the earth and watered the ground.  But after the fall, they had to irrigate canals and “pump with their foot” in order to get water in Egypt.  Then, later you’ll find in Deuteronomy that after they possessed the land that God cared for, He promised to send the rain down and the blessings that came along with it.  All they had to do was love the Lord and serve Him with all their heart and soul.

You see, when we try to accomplish purpose in our own strength and timing, we may accomplish it however, it will be without the blessing.  In these cases there’s a constant struggle that eventually drains you dry which is the complete opposite of what God has intended for your life.  In His timing, there’s ease, peace, and strength.  Yes, you will still have opposition, but you’ll also have His supernatural grace to survive and His supernatural favor to thrive.

Let God Determine the Timing and the Means…

So much time, so many resources, and so much energy is wasted trying to get accolades from people.  Some try to drop the right names, get in with the right crowd, manipulate and maneuver into the right places to experience a channel of blessings.  Sometimes, because we are human we get so caught up in what we think we can produce with our own power and ability that we don’t even realize we’re missing the greater blessing God’s intended for us.

Setting goals, being driven and having aspirations to achieve, isn’t a negative thing at all.  But when you’re driven for the wrong reasons, with wrong motives, using wrong tactics; it becomes an unfortunate disadvantage to oneself, even if it’s for a right thing.

Every good and perfect gift comes down from the Father above.

Everything you need, and everything you have comes down from God.  It is the Lord who blesses you.  If you could truly grab hold of that principle it would totally change your life.  God may use people to get things to you, but real promotion, advancement, favor, etc., is not horizontal.  They all come down like rain which is symbolic of the blessing of the Lord.

I encourage you today to wait for His rain. If you are going to receive water in this land it only comes from heaven.  He is a gentleman, so let Him open every door for you.  I trust this has ministered to you today.  If you’d like to dig a little deeper you can hear the audio version of the message “Stop Pumping Your Foot” as an MP3 download HERE

11 thoughts on “Stop Pumping Your Foot

  1. All this is good wisdom. I needed it. How do I know what I’m waiting for is present or not? Because what I think the blessing should look like may be different from what God knows it looks like. I could be holding my breath for something that will never exist or is already here for all I know. I just wanna know what the promise looks like so I won’t miss or dismiss it. That’s all.

  2. WOW…!
    What Wisdom…!
    Ps. Sheryl you bring out things I’ve read many times in such a way that it inspires, heals, and helps us to talk right, not to read the Word and try to make it fit the mold we have created in our mind…!
    Purpose from God..!:)

  3. I prayed for God to show me if I was doing this prematurely, but I was applying to PhD programs in a frenzy. After speaking to a very close family member, they reminded me that just as God can open doors in the natural, Satan can also make a door look appealing. I was truly running away from where God has placed me, and I did not recognize it. The only thing I knew was I felt confused and drained.I needed to read this! He’ll keep me in perfect peace when I keep my mind stayed on him. I shouldn’t feel all this confusion applying to programs, despite the promise that I will get my doctorate, now is not the time. Thank God for peace with waiting and working well!

  4. Pastor, I know you know who this is and there is so much I have to tell you about the years I spent at The River and how I would never have survived the attacks of Satan at that time without you and God literally speaking right through you to me week after week…I was led to find you tonight and once again, He speaks through your voice and I am in tears just hearing you and reading this message….I did not even realize I was upset and now the Healing and Deliverance comes again deep into my soul and I am forever grateful to Jesus for you and your ministry….I will always love you and I still hear your voice when I need it and all the Word that was engrafted into me through your preaching….

  5. This is the enduring part for me…so I’m thankful after searching inside that I just went on your website to grab a word of encouragement. I’m a wife and mother of 3 sweet small children and mostly taking care of the load as a part-time employee because my husband was laid off 6 years ago and still not able to get stable employment. At this stage, he’s started a course while working only weekends at a job. This weekend job thing was difficult to adjust to seeing he’s missing church with the family and he has no interest in our church either for his reasons. We’ve been in our church for 13 years from the start of marriage and all of a sudden in the 7th year all hell broke loose….I’m saying all of this because I’m truly struggling in my spirit because my children need me to be strong and joyful. I’m one of the worship leaders in our church so I have to commit which I love to worship the Lord however, it’s hard to hide my pain but release it to the Lord. I know life is not perfect and there will be growing pains and trials and praying and being in the presence of God is soothing and liberating….It’s how to face the challenges of life day by day with a faith filled heart and believe this is only for a season and God is making a way for me.
    God bless you pastor Brady.

  6. How can access your books mother. God has used you to challenge my life to walk with Hod at he s pace and not try to pull or be pulled by God. I am a pastor of a local church in Uganda.

  7. How can I access your books mother and other materials. God has used you to challenge my life to walk with God at his pace and not try to pull or be pulled by God. I am a pastor of a local church in Uganda.

  8. How can I access your books mother and other materials. God has used you to challenge my life to walk with God at his pace and not try to pull or be pulled by God. I am a pastor of a local church in Uganda. I also pray that God brings you to us here in Uganda, if we find favour in your eyes and the Lord’s eyes

  9. Pastor you are the best you always uplift my spirit you always give me hope when I am hopeless ,at this point of my life Iam struggling don’t know whether I am coming or going I have a 17 year old daughter who needs my guidance and my support ,my work is not stable my finances are on the worst no love life and I’m drinking alcohol excessively in the name of finding happiness, my mother just past on 3weeks ago

    I need to find my purpose start over and be whole again I the almighty to help me with my faith please pray with me

    one last thing do you ever visit South Africa I will b so blessed to attend your service

  10. Thank you for the pain & suffering that you have endured that I can be blessed with endurance & grace Thank You My Sis in Christ. I am traveling to London 6/30-7/3/2015 can you recommend me a church to worship in I am also visiting Rome & Paris I suffer 5 years on A diaylsis machine , both hips been replaced , in battle with fibormyalgia suffer a stroke 2 hernia disc in my back & yes I can go on.But on 7/2013 I received a kidney transplant & I am so excited thankful ,blessed to serve my God with what I have left while I have my being I will Glorify & Lift up the name of JESUS!!! Halaluj I just can’t stop Prasing Him Again I say thank you I love the God in you I know you we are sisters & You are in my Prays SHAMA Rochelle

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