Empowered by Passion

Our winter days have now almost come to a close, and I’m beginning to look forward to the appearances of spring. As I embrace the new season, my mind reflects on one of the most, if not THE most significant holiday ever, Easter. I am forever grateful for the compassion that held my savior to that cross. All that I am and ever hoped to be is because of what took place all those years ago on Calvary.

All roads lead to Calvary…

Everything in the Word either points to Calvary, is at Calvary, or looks back to Calvary. It is the place where Christ gave up His life in such an excruciating way it’s hard to comprehend the magnitude of His pain and suffering. He endured the torture of the cross because He desired to be with us so badly. He loved us in a way we will never be loved by anyone else.

Just imagine Him being nailed to that tree yet seeing each one of us, our children, grandchildren, etc. He saw every mistake you and I would ever make. And every curse that would keep us bound was nailed to that cross with Christ. Oh yes! He settled the sin issue forever right there on Calvary.

Now, take a moment to imagine the grief of those who walked alongside Him; His disciples. They saw His miracles, they experienced His power, and received from His wisdom. And now the one they looked to for everything was crucified and buried in a borrowed tomb. They were devastated and confused; hopeless and deserted. This just didn’t make any sense to them. How could Christ who had done so much good, die surrounded by so much evil?

Everyone at some point or another has been confused during their walk with God…

They had given up everything to follow this man they called Jesus. He was their mentor; their hope and now in their eyes, He was defeated. All of the naysayers, their friends, neighbors, and relatives, are ridiculing them for ever believing He was the Messiah in the first place. This turn of events had them completely bewildered. They went into hiding. Fear, discouragement, intimidation and disappointment had gripped their hearts. Sound familiar? Of course it does, we’ve all been there. Perhaps you forsook all to follow a vision that seemed to have fallen to the ground. Or maybe you’ve experienced a great loss. No matter the challenge, you may have felt it contradicted the promise that had been spoken over your life. From time to time, you will find yourself not knowing what to do or where to turn. Aren’t you glad to know, that in spite of what it looks like, God has not abandoned you.

Without fail Jesus rose and returned to the disciples to assure them that He was everything that He said He was, and that nothing He’d been through changed what He said. More than anything, He wanted them to know it had been worth it all. He defined His sacrifice at Calvary to the disciples as, His passion.

The passion to lay down His life, and ultimately the passion to get up again…

You see without passion you won’t have what it takes to get back up again when life knocks you down. Everybody doesn’t have it and everybody doesn’t understand it, but if it ever gets down inside of you it will help you handle everything life throws at you. Whatever you want from God, you have to want it until it hurts. You have to have passion enough to endure whatever pain comes your way. That’s what Christ did on Calvary.

When you can rise up and let everyone know you’re still here, that’s when you know you’ve been empowered by passion. You may have scars, but you’re still back. You may be limping, but you’re still back. Your heart may be broken, but you’re still back.
As we celebrate Resurrection Sunday this week, I challenge you to follow in the pattern Christ set before us. Don’t give up; don’t stop pursuing your purpose and destiny…be empowered by passion!

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6 thoughts on “Empowered by Passion

  1. Thank you for this message,I really neeed that,God Bless and protect you with a hedge of favor and His fire round about you in Jesus name

  2. Pastor Brady, you are a Great Woman Of God, and I Love You…Hoping to hear you Preach God’s Word One Day In Person! Those Grandchildren of Yours are truly Blessed…Thank You For Allowing Us To Follow Their Growth…
    Sandra Schofield

  3. My sister came to visit me a couple of weeks ago. She is lost in her flesh like I was some time ago. You know, taking grace for granted and expressing that as long as she asks the Lord to forgive her, she’ll be ok. As we were talking she looked at me and said I don’t wear cross jewelry. (This is because I wear a very small gold cross pendant and chain on my neck, as well as in my photographs.) I didn’t respond in the way she though I would. I just looked at ther and smiled. I realized that for those who don’t understand what the cross represents to me, I dosen’t make any sense to try to defend my cross. My birthday is Easter this year, and I am extremely grateful for the incredible sacrifice that Christ made on my behalf. Because of Calvary, I am alive, healed, whole, and excited to walk in the fulness of the purpose that God has for me daily. I have been washed in that blood and cleansed from all unrighteousness. The blood that was shed has empowered me to overcome so many obstacles and fears, defeat so many enemies, and walk in so much victory. I am passionate about my Christ and the cross, and I believe that if I continue to walk by faith and in love, my sister will one day understand…………why I wear my cross.

  4. This word is confirmation that resonates within my spirit. I am encouraged even more to continue to obey God even in the most difficult times. Thank you for your obedience! May God continue to bless your ministry.

  5. I am deeply moved & extremely honored by what Jesus Christ endured & suffered for me on Calvary. I don’t take anything for granted. I owe Him my life as a living sacrifice. I was created to worship Him. It’s in Him that I live, move and have my being. I can do nothing without Him! He is Lord of & in my life. “The Passion of Christ” for the world……

  6. The enemy is trying to steal me away from my father jesus, only prayer is What`s keeping me.i cant fight this battle alone so i thank my hevanly father for loving me and keeping me and bringing me out of the trials that the enemy is trying to do to me.

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