Fruitful in a Painful Place


Don’t Stress…You’ve got FAVOR on YOUR side!

To study the life of one of my favorite biblical characters, would take you to Genesis and the life of Joseph. His story is one that I never grow tired of preaching, and I encourage you to read. Maybe it’s because Joseph was a picture of Christ. He was the beloved son of his father Jacob, just like Jesus was the beloved son of God. Joseph came up from the depths of prison into power and Jesus came up from the depths of hell with all power. While there are many parallels, Joseph’s story is a phenomenal illustration of how to survive the painful places when you’ve been invited into greatness and the favor of God is resting on your life.

Great favor brings great jealousy and hatred.

Unfortunately, this comes with the territory. It has absolutely nothing to do with anything you have said, or anything you have done. It is just that God has chosen to set you apart and that makes some uncomfortable. Whenever God begins to bless your life, some will hate you simply because of your favor. It’s easy to become confused. You think others would be happy for you, especially those close to you. Unfortunately, often times, this is not the case.

However, you can’t become discouraged and give up. You have to recognize that your favor belongs to you. No one can take it from you and you can’t give it up just because someone else doesn’t want you to have it. Being hated is a part of being blessed. You can be hated a long time before you figure out what’s really going on.

No need to fret…This is a good sign God is with you!

When the enemy understands God is about to elevate you and take you places, the fight is on. Rest assured something big is about to happen in your life. The fact that he’s fighting you is a good indicator God is getting ready to raise you up and that makes him angry. A sovereign God is about to make your enemies your foot stool. Keep a sweet spirit, keep smiling, and keep doing what you do. Keep clean hands, keep a pure heart and keep moving. When you can take a licking and keep on ticking God will bless your life with favor.

Nothing happens by accident. God is a strategist and He has a plan for you.

God does not give you a mark of distinction by giving you a title. He does it by giving you power, anointing and authority. The anointing that rests on your life not only sets you apart, it means God did it. There is a reason you need to hear this month’s partners’ message, Fruitful in a Painful Place. God knows what doors He is about to open and what connections you are about to make in 2015. He is trying to set you up for the supernatural and He wants you to expect it and anticipate it. He wants you to know if He doesn’t get you out, He’s going to bless you while you’re in.

Trust Him when you can’t Trace Him…

Joseph didn’t know what God was going to do for him in His places of pain, because God was silent. God didn’t intervene, or speak on Joseph’s behalf. He was quiet in the midst of Joseph’s trouble, but Joseph waited on the Lord. He waited until he could see what God said! I guess that’s why I love his story so much. The lineage and the heritage of Joseph will strengthen, encourage, enlighten and ignite the faith of anyone who has ever found themselves in a conflicted place. If what you’re looking at does not look like what God promised, stand, worship, wait, pray, press, be faithful and trust God knowing you are about to be fruitful in a painful place!!!

I pray that God empowers you with supernatural strength, unbelievable favor, with an abundance of blessings that will rest on you and yours all year through.

I’m so blessed and grateful to know that you continue to stand with me in prayer month after month. May God perpetually shower His blessings upon you!

– Pastor Brady

PS. You can get this resource in it’s entirety as an MP3 download HERE…I know it will be a blessing to you!

25 thoughts on “Fruitful in a Painful Place

  1. thank you so much, this story always moves me each time I read it. I never get tied of it , because living a life of FAITH can bring peace and joy and assurances .

  2. With tears streaming down my face. Thank you for this blog. Fruitful in a painful place…it speaks loudly to my current place. Choosing to trust and see God in the midst of it all even when it seems like there is no trace of Him! I know He is here with me:)

    1. TGBTG! Your words speak for me also, presently I am in a very tough spot, but God…
      You keep holding on and as I pray for you I ask that you pray my strength in the Lord as well. It’s the going through that seems to be the hardest, but with God all things are possible.

  3. Such An Awesome and On Time Word! I will be sharing with others. Thank you so much Pastor Brady for being the Woman of God that you are! Love you and Be blessed!

  4. This word goes into the cracks and say to me, I told you, Sandra to Be still and see the salvation of the Lord, The situations crazy painful, decisions I made, some I did not but should had…LESSONS….But God….
    Thank you, Pastor Brady!!! …..

  5. The pain here is so loud, and I’m wounded to know the real truth that I’m really not wanted here. And, the only consolation I have is my children and grandchildren, and I know that GOD sent me into this valley of pain. Keep me in your prayers that I continue to stand and be fruitful in this place. Thanks Pastor Brady for that encouragement.

  6. Thank you, Pastor Brady!
    I’m encouraged to go on through this painful place knowing that God has a plan that is more than I can see, hope for, or even imagine! This is what He had been saying to me for the last three days. I have studied the life of Joseph many times and it’s so good to know that the process is an important part of His plan. May God continue to use you mightily!

  7. Thanks Pastor Brady for those encouraging words that I need right now (today)! Yes, I thought they would be happy for us, especially those close to us. You are right it didn’t happen. Thanks for telling us to be fruitful in a painful place, and how to do it. We will keep on smiling and keep clean hands and a pure heart, knowing that God has Plan and purpose in it all. We love you, thanks!

  8. OMG, when I saw the title of this, I just had to click and read more. I am so in this place right now and I have been for a minute now, and this is encouragement for me to stay Faithful and to never give up doing what God had called and ordained for me to do for the KINGDOM!!!!!!!!

  9. Thank you, Pastor Brady!
    Thank you so much you have been such an inspiration to me, you have help me see my self as God sees me. I have been following your ministry for only a short time now but I must say your teaching has had a powerful influence in my ministry and I think God for that. You have helped me to understand how to push through my pain to get to the next level. Thank you, Pastor Brady!

  10. Pastor Brady,
    Thank you, Thank God for you and I love you. I cannot begin to explain how timely my coming across this message has been.

  11. This is so encouraging to the call God has placed on my husband and I . We are ministers in the second ward of Houston , tx . We deal with a lot of homeless people and lower income families . We encourage our people to fight the good fight of faith , never quitting or giving in to the Devil . I always get so encouraged reading your blogs and listening to your podcast messages .. My husband and I can’t wait to be able to come visit your ministry .. God is so faithful , many blessings I pray over your family and church …

  12. Thank you for this post. Love your resources, your heart for worship, and your sermons have greatly impacted my life and the lives of those I have shared them with. Thank you for being a warrior, overcomer, and woman of valor! It gives women someone to look up to. As Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Thank you for following Jesus and being a role model for so many. God bless you, your family, and every person connected to you. Love in Christ.

  13. Amen this is certainly an on time WORD I have been going thru for about 10 yrs. But it was all worth it we serve a faithful God I can c how he iz turning my 10 yr temporary MESS into a LIFETIME permenent MESSAGE. Truely indeed our ENDING shall BE much GREATER than our beginning!!!! Just keep TRUSTING him no matter what you go through. Thank You Pastor Brady 4 continuing 2 B A GREAT BLESSING!!!

  14. No matter what I am favoured by my Heavenly Father, from here to eternity and no one can take that away from me and my loved ones thanks Pastor Brady!

  15. You have blessed me with this message . You confirmed things I was experiencing for God to have separated me from others because I was not like them and felt like I didn’t fit in anywhere that was not like my spirit so I was able to separate myself and I am now more at peace.

    Thank you,
    Pastor Sheryl Brady

  16. U are an inspiration to me I read just one of ur books n u stole my heart may God continue to guide n bless u so dat ur words will b a blessing to others. You are blessed. I always identify with d story of Joseph because its so similar to my story. Thank you once again n remain blessed.

  17. Please pray that God will provide us with all the resources required to build our planned international christian school(Camp David Green Academy) in Kenya.

    Waiting upon the Lord.

    In His service,

    Nicholas Nganga

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