Family Life


In the message It’s A Family Blessing, Pastor Sheryl discusses the remarkable faith of Abraham, and delivers insight on the promises and inheritance we too have as Abraham’s seed.

Don’t allow frustrations from the struggles and setbacks of life, to cause you to leave the assigned place God has for you.  Remember, a blessing speaks to the end of a thing.  Have faith, be encouraged, and know that there is a blessing that runs in the family, and it belongs to you!


A family that prays together can move heaven and earth!  Whether it’s a biological family, single parent family, blended family big or small, when a family moves from a “me” mentality to a “we” mentality there is power. And regardless of what the world would suggest, we really do need each other.  Join Pastor Brady as she shares her heart and gives insight on the importance of unity in families and the blessings that come through the power of agreement. Things that seem impossible become possible when the family comes together, because Family Love is a League of It’s Own!


The “church” is identified as the Body of Christ, and like the natural body it consists of several parts. However, each part left alone is absolutely useless.  That’s why the enemy works methodically to keep us disconnected.  He knows that the body of Christ is edified by that which every joint supplieth, Ephesians 4:16.  Join Pastor Brady as she dissects this passage and expounds on the gifts within the Body of Christ.  When we come together, something happens that is unexplainable.  When you find us, you find God.